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Village Green Child Care Centre accepts children on a first come first served basis and maintains a wait list.  Priority is given to children who reside at 275 Village Green Square.

The enrollment process starts with a visit to the Centre with your child/ren, at which time you will receive information on our services and tour the facility.

A package will be provided to you when a space is confirmed.  The package is to be completed and returned to the Centre prior to your child's start date.


We place children throughout the year as space becomes available.

For more information call

416-901-5180 ext 1
or email


Infants: $37.80 a day

Toddlers:  $29.06 a day

Pre-School:  $20.55 a day

For information on child care fee subsidies,

please click below.


  • When can I expect a call when my child is on the waiting list?
    After you have placed your child on the wait list, you will receive a call when there is a space for your child. The wait list is maintained on a first come first served basis. You may enquire as to how many children are on the wait list before your child, however; due to differing circumstances, the number may not be accurate.
  • Do I have to pay if my child is sick or on vacation?
    Fees are due regardless if your child is away due to illness or vacation. We do offer a leave of absence for the summer months which must consist of an 8 week period to be approved by the Board of Directors in April of the year in which it is being requested.
  • When does my child have to stay home due to illness?
    If your child is not well, he/she must stay home until all symptoms are gone for a period of time. Please call the Centre to clarify. If your child becomes ill at the Centre during the day, you will be called to pick up your child as soon as possible. It is the intention to minimize potential spread of illness to others.
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