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Children will be provided with low fat, low sugar, low sodium snacks and meals that follow the Canada Food Guide prepared by the catering company: Yummy Catering.  Menus will be reviewed by a dietician and promote a variety of foods, opting for organic and local options whenever possible.  The children's well being is very important and our staff will address individual and group needs throughout the day. 

If your child has a food allergy or requires a special diet, please be sure to inform us at the time of enrolment so that an alternative food option can be offered.  For an Anaphylactic Allergy, we require additional documentation.

To find out more about Yummy Catering, visit their website below.

Health & Safety

The health, safety, nutrition and well-being of the children is the responsibility of everyone at our Centre.  Health starts when the child arrives in a healthy state to engage fully in the program and continues throughout the day as the staff ensure proper hand hygiene, regular cleaning of toys, equipment and furnishings. 

Children will be taught best practices around playing safe, use of indoor/outdoor equipment through role modelling and formal teaching.  

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